Book Title: “Flight Of The Butterfly; THE LARVAE”


Flight of the Butterfly Trial Cover-Take2 copy“From Maryland to Milan, superstar Kennedy Shaw travels the globe singing her way into the hearts of everyone who hears her voice. Known to many as the singing “heart break kid”, Kennedy loves hard and leaves quick; but leaving men and women helplessly in love can become quite dangerous. Tormented by demons from her past, reinforcements will need to be called in to tame this star on the rise.

Hit producer Kori C. has found a gem with singing sensation Kennedy Shaw. Deals are rolling in from all over the world. Can she get this artist on the straight and narrow before it ruins both of their careers?  Will Kennedy’s play girl ways cost her millions of dollars and Kennedy’s chance at true love? Travel with Kennedy as she rocks the world.”




   Author: Myra Smith-Wright 


Myra’s Mission

 Myra Smith-Wright’s mission is to connect with her readers!  Myra would like to reach out to her readers and inspire individuals by bringing awareness, encouragement, and to be an example of healing and survival. Myra is available for book signings, workshops, expos, conferences, and much more. How can you bring her to your area? Contact her today.

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myrabioAuthor Myra Smith-Wright is a Writer, Speaker, Recording Artist and Philanthropist with a deep rooted love for humanity;  she seeks to invoke an authentic and life changing experience whether written or sung. Myra spent 13years living in Germany as an Army brat before relocating to the Hampton Roads Area.

Aside from writing, Myra encourages all to “Dare to Be Different…Dare to Dream.” Myra has overcome the challenges of low self-esteem, rape, becoming a widow at 27, and attempting suicide. She knows what it means to survive and is determined to bring awareness and encouragement. She is an example that there is “BEAUTY FOR ASHES”.

She is the author of “Flight of the Butterfly: THE LARVAE“.

Release date 3/15/14

Myra Smith-Wright can be found on:

Twitter @experiencemyra

Instagram @experiencemyra





In honor of National Women’s Month March 2014, the My Sister’s Keeper Campaign was born. This Campaign is a two part series, Part 1 was the My Sister Keeper Nude Photo Shoot 2014. The nude photo shoot was taken to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE, and UNITE women of all shapes, sizes, and color who struggle with low self-esteem and self-worth.  The second part of the series is the making of a documentary about 13 amazing women who will share their stories of survival and resiliency over their trials and tribulations.  These women are your sister, mother, aunt, grandmother or even you as a 13-year-old girl who looks in the mirror and doesn’t see beauty. These women’s stories will hopefully touch the lives of women in their similar situations, find hope and know that it can and will get better.

Please help us to see this project to completion with your donations. Your generous donations will go towards the filming, editing, overhead, distribution, promotions, and red carpet premier. Filming is set to begin June 1, 2014 and the documentary will be revealed March 2015.